Proceedings of the technical and scientific conference EKO Varna

ISSN (Online) 2367- 6965
ISSN (Print) 2367- 6299

Volume XXX, 2023

Assoc. Prof. phD
Rosen Hristov

Bulgaria 9010
1, Sudentska Str.
Technical University
    The Thirtieth Conference EKO Varna 2024 will be held from 13-15.06.2024. The venue is the conference hall of Rosslyn Dimyat Hotel Varna.

EKO Varna 2024 conference program

For the online session, use the Zoom platform :

The password is EKO--Varna (8 characters, you need to remove the dashes)

    All requirements for the papers can be found in the section "Autors and submissions"
   For registration and file upload please use link below
   Papers that have been successfully reviewed will be published in a coference proceedings indexed in Scopus.


1. Vehicle design and technology
2. Efficiency and ecology of transport engines
3. Automotive electronics
4. Motorways and transport
5. Railway technology
6. Gas fuels, transport, systems
7. Bio fuels for ICE
8. Automobile and human health.
9. Road safety. Autotechnical expertise
10. Service and diagnostics of vehicles
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